Brick Library 0.1
Performance-portable stencil datalayout & codegen
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file  array-mpi.h [code]
 Reference MPI communication with arrays.
file  bitset.h [code]
 Set using bitfield.
file  brick-cuda.h [code]
 For using bricklib with CUDA. Directs the functions used in brick-gpu.h to corresponding CUDA functions.
file  brick-dpc.h [code]
 This file is largely used to give the DPCPP interface a similar footprint to CUDA and HIP so that it can easily be used with brick-gpu.h.
file  brick-gpu.h [code]
 This file should not be directly included. It defines instructions for using bricklib with a GPU, but either brick-hip.h or brick-cuda.h should be included for correct runtime support.
file  brick-hip.h [code]
 For using bricklib with HIP. Directs the functions used in brick-gpu.h to corresponding HIP functions.
file  brick-mpi.h [code]
 MPI stuff related to bricks.
file  brick-opencl.h [code]
 Header necessary for OpenCL program/kernel to include.
file  brick-sycl.h [code]
 Header necessary for SYCL program to include.
file  brick.h [code]
 Main header for bricks.
file  brickcompare.h [code]
 Compare content from bricks with arrays.
file  bricksetup.h [code]
 Brick iterator and setup code.
file  cmpconst.h [code]
 Tolerance for comparison.
file  dev_shl.h [code]
 Implementation for various shuffle implementations.
file  memfd.h [code]
 Helper data structure for memory file.
file  minimal_brick.h [code]
file  multiarray.h [code]
 Multidimensional array shortcuts.
file  vecscatter.h [code]
 Interface to code generator.
file  zmort.h [code]
 Header for Z-Mort ordering.